Astrology & Horoscope

By definition, “astrology” is more of a study of the celestial bodies’ positions in the sky. In this sense, many regard it as a form of science or pseudoscience. Some astrology experts also highlight it as a form of belief that the aforementioned planetary positions have some direct effects on the development of human affairs and the occurrence of earthly natural phenomena. There are actually many types of astrology. The most common form is probably Western and Chinese Astrology.

Moreover, others interpret astrology as the obsolete version of modern-day astronomy. The astronomy we know today is actually derived from one of the two main divisions of ancient astrology which is the horary astrology. This division measures the movement of heavenly bodies. This later became important for the creation of the other division–judiciary astrology, which is best known (even up to this day) for its use in seeking trends and offering predictions (more inclined with horoscopes).

By contrast, a horoscope is a diagram, chart, or graphical representation of the heavens. This graph or chart shows the planets’ positions and the zodiac signs. These diagrams are used by horoscope enthusiasts in the computation of births and the art of foretelling the future events of one’s life. Being guided by such, a person can be advised to act in a particular behavior so as to make his day better. Some are arguing about the significance of horoscopes because several studies were made to verify their validity only to find out that most, if not all, ended up being false.

Etymologically, a horoscope is taken from the Greek term “horoskopos,” which can be translated to “looking at the hours.” It is very related to astrology because, per its definition, it makes use of the concept of astrology on planetary positions across space. When you study astrology, you will eventually go deep into horoscopes. However, if you study horoscopes, it is not always guaranteed that you will learn all of the focal points of astrology.

Difference between Astrology Vs Horoscope

1. Astrology is regarded as a pseudoscience that the belief that the planets’ respective positions in space have some effect on human affairs and natural Earthly phenomena. It is more of a study.
2. Horoscopes are more of a chart or diagram that make use of astrology concepts. They serve as guides for people on how they should act or behave. To some degree, it also serves to foretell some parts of one’s future.
3. Some are skeptical with the use and validity of horoscopes. It is derived from the Greek word “horoskopos,” which means “looking at the hours.”